Jute & Cotton Bags

 100 % Natural Materials

Jute & Cotton Bags

100 % Natural Materials

Jute & Cotton Bags

100 % Natural Materials

Design Your Perfect Bag

Smartra Bags was established in the year 2015. With the latest equipment and the skills to make intricate designs, we have today become the supplier of choice to various businesses large and small, MNC’s, within India and outside India too. Our motive is to provide good quality Jute, Cotton and Non-woven bags with the design and text of your choice. Our bags are high quality yet affordable.

We manufacture jute bags for all occasions like wedding, thambulam, return gifts, grocery store, departmental stores, wine bottle, general shopping, etc. We provide you with a set of bag sizes and design, which you can use. Or, you can specify your requirements and we manufacture it accordingly.

Due to our quality output and timely deliveries, our customer base has spread throughout India and South-East Asia too. We are now a major supplier to even businesses in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc

Help Save The Planet

Our bags are created from 100% natural fibers, which are fully bio-degradable. As contrast with plastic which takes more than 100 years to degrade. It is our duty to preserve the planet for our future generations. We feel proud in doing our every bit to save Earth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Manufacture the Bags ?

We have our own high end manufacturing equipment with which we do manufacture all the bags. We do not outsource the production or the design, especially because we want to give you our assurance of best quality

How Long Does an Order Take ?

We usually need 4-5 working days to delivery an average order. However, do check with us directly for an exact timeline

Do you delivery the order ?

We can delivery anywhere within Chennai. For outside chennai, we will mail the order and you need to bear the mailing charges

What is the minimum order size ?

Our minimum order size is 100 pieces

Can we provide the design ?

Yes, we can accept designs from client, provided it follows certain conditions which we can communicate to you separately.


We’re delighted with the quality of bags we get from Smartra. Their dedication and commitment is very much commendable.


Owner, Sri Kumaran Stores

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